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ATM/Debit Cards

How do I get a new or replacement ATM card or Debit card?

To request a new or replacement ATM or debit card, fill out the ATM Card/VISA debit card form. Mail or fax in the form to the address shown. You can also call us at 800.268.6928.

If your ATM or debit card has been lost or stolen, please call 800.268.6928, or call 888.918.7703 after hours.

Why was my debit card denied when I have money in my account?

There are a number of reasons why your debit card may have been denied/didn’t work. Please call us at 800.268.6928 to find out the exact reason.

What do I do if my ATM/Debit card was lost/stolen?

If you suspect your Dominion Energy Credit Union debit or ATM card has been lost, stolen or is being used fraudulently, please contact us at 800-268-6928 immediately. After hours, you can report a lost/stolen card by calling 888-918-7703.

Which ATMs can I use without paying a fee?

It’s always free to use a Dominion Energy Credit Union ATM. For your convenience we also belong to a network of CU24/CUHere ATMs, some of which are surcharge free and deposit taking. Click here to search for a CU24/CUHere ATM near you. Call us at 800-268-6928 if you have any questions about whether an ATM is surcharge free.

Members with a Dominion Energy Credit Union debit card receive the first three ATM transactions a month free (ATM owner may still surcharge). It’s always free to make purchases and ask for cash back with your debit card.

Why is my name on my credit and/or debit card not my full name?

A new VISA® mandate requires that the length of cardholder names on VISA credit and debit cards is limited to no more than 21 characters including spaces. At the next standard reissue date, if you have not already received one, you will receive a card with a shortened version of your name.

What ATM networks can I use?

Dominion Energy Credit Union belongs to the following networks: CUHere, CU24, Star, Plus, Member Access.

Why am I unable to use my debit card at a car rental company?

Many members of Dominion Energy Credit Union and other credit unions have experienced duplicate large dollar amount authorizations that impact the available amounts on their cards when using auto rental companies. These sometimes require days to reconcile. Due to this poor and recurring experience, as well as excessive losses through car rental transactions, we have decided to block auto rental company transactions on our Debit Cards.

What are CU24/CUHere ATMs?

This is a network of ATMs where you can get cash, make transfers or deposits (not all ATMs are deposit taking - you will need to search for deposit-taking ATMs) and in some cases avoid surcharges. Click here to search for a list of CU24/CUHere ATMs near you.

Why is there a purchase limit when I buy gas at the pump?

As part of their fraud prevention programs, gas merchants may set dollar limits for purchases at customer-activated pumps when payment cards are used. These limits often correspond to fraud protection limits granted by various credit card vendors. In most circumstances, card companies generally protect gas merchants up to $75 for pay-at-the-pump transactions. The pay-at-pump limits are imposed by the gas merchants themselves, not by the Credit Union, and it is not specific to individual members/customers.

Members who find they exceed the $75 limit may wish to pay inside the station which may result in a higher limit, or pay for gas in multiple transactions.

How do I use a debit card?

With a debit card, you don’t need a separate ATM card. Use it at ATMs and at any merchants who accept Visa debit cards.

  • To use a debit card as an ATM card, just insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN. The amount is immediately deducted from the account you’ve selected.
  • To use a debit card to make purchases, hit “credit” at the payment terminal and sign the receipt. Or select “debit,” enter your PIN, and sign the receipt. You can even get cash back. The amount will be deducted from your account within a day or two.

How do I reset my ATM card or debit card PIN?

Call 866-985-2273 for the Card Services Automated System. Follow the prompts to enter the information required, which you should have ready:

  • Your 16-digit card number
  • Your 10-digit day or evening phone number
  • The last 4 digits of you Social Security Number

Make sure to stay on the line to set or change your PIN. For your convenience, you will be able to choose your PIN.

Still not working? Make sure that the phone number you enter when asked is one that Dominion Energy Credit Union has on file for you. You should always notify the Credit Union if your telephone number changes.