Account Changes

How do I change my address/name/etc.?

To change your address, simply fill out the address change form and mail it or fax it to us. You can also call us at 800.268.6928 and a Member Service Representative will be happy to help.

You can also change your address in Online Banking. Click on "Account Services," "Contact Info," update the information recorded, and click "Submit."

For other account changes, like a name change, adding services, adding/removing a joint owner, etc., you will need to fill out and sign an Account Changes and New Services form and mail or fax it to Dominion Energy Credit Union.

I have a joint account; does the joint owner need to sign when I make a change to the account?

You will need the joint owner’s signature to add new services, if you want that person to be joint on the service.

For certain other account changes, like updating your address, we do not require a joint owner’s signature.

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

Fill out the Account Changes and New Services form. Make sure all account owners have signed the form under “Account Ownership” AND “Account Designation.” If the joint owner is a minor, please have an adult/parent sign "signing for" and then put child's name. Mail or fax in the form to the address on the form.

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