Please rest assured your credit union is stable and financially sound. We are well-capitalized with ample liquidity. Your money is safe, and deposits are federally insured to at least $250,000 by NCUA. Additional coverage options are available. Please call 800-268-6928 for assistance. Learn more.

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There's a better choice for your money. Switch to Dominion Energy Credit Union in a few simple steps and start saving today!

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High-use Dominion Energy Credit Union members save an average of $1402 each year*, because we serve you, not stockholders. Switch now and experience the Dominion Energy CU  Difference.

Get More Out of Membership

Our switch kit makes it easy! Or just follow instructions below.

How to Switch

  1. Join and open a free Dominion Energy CU checking account with eStatements
  2. Switch Direct Deposit

    Once you’ve received your new Dominion Energy CU account number and checks, you can easily switch your direct deposit over. Dominion Energy employees can also sign up to have set amounts deposited into their Credit Union accounts automatically through Payroll Deduction.

    Dominion Energy employees can log in to SAP WorkSpace and edit their bank information. Southeast Energy Group, log in to PeopleSoft. You may also use the Direct Deposit form provided on DomNet. You’ll need the information below to proceed. Once you have your Direct Deposit set up, you can also split the funds once they get to the Credit Union to go into different accounts.

    • Dominion Energy's ABA routing number - 251082644
    • Your Dominion Energy CU Checking or Savings account number
    • Choose Payroll Bank Transfer for Payment Method

    If you aren't a Dominion Energy employee, contact for your employer or other payer for more information. Other payers may include:

    • Social Security Administration
    • Child support
    • Government deposits
  3. Switch Automatic Deductions

    Contact automatic payment vendors and give them your new Dominion Energy CU account number. You'll need to provide them with both your Dominion Energy CU account and routing number to complete this task. These vendors may include:

    • Utilities/cable
    • Phone service
    • Gym/club memberships
    • Insurance, loans, rent or mortgage
    • Online billing (for example, video streaming services)
  4. Close Old Accounts

    Keep your old account open until all automatic deposits and deductions have been switched over. Make sure you leave enough money to cover any transactions and automatic withdrawals that haven't cleared yet. Then withdraw your money from your old bank, and deposit it into your Dominion Energy CU account by mail or at a branch.

  5. Compare and Save More

    Use our Comparison Worksheet to find more ways to save.

*2017 CUNA Membership Benefits Report