Good data = better decisions. Before you make a financial move, use these helpful calculators to dig into the numbers and analyze your options.

Our easy-to-use calculators help you do your research and confidently move forward

Savings Calculator

How much do you need to set aside each month to reach your savings goals? It only takes a few minutes to figure out whether you're on track or need to do a little more.

Auto Loan Calculator

Before you get too revved up about that car, truck, or SUV you want, it might be a good idea to see if your budget can handle the monthly payments.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit cards are convenient to use, but it's easy to run up a big balance. With this calculator, you can see how long it will take to pay down your debt.

Auto Refinance Calculator

Does your vehicle loan need a tune-up? Use this calculator to see whether refinancing might reduce interest charges, monthly payments or both.

Certificate Calculator

One nice feature of CDs is that higher rates are locked in, making it easy to predict your earnings. Use this calculator to figure out how much you'll make in the coming months or years.

Mortgage Calculators

Your home is a big investment. That's why it's important to explore a variety of mortgage options and payment strategies. These calculators can help you do your research.

Home Equity Debt Consolidation Calculator

See how much you could save using your home's equity to pay off debt. It's a great strategy that can help you become debt-free sooner.

Home Buyer Savings Calculator

When buying a home, your down payment plays a huge role. The upshot is you'll need to create a savings plan to know how long it will take to reach your number.

Snowball Debt Elimination Calculator

It's a simple idea – eliminate one debt and add that monthly payment to what you pay on the next debt. On and on until you become debt-free.

Social Security Benefit Calculator

How much could you receive from Social Security? Calculate an estimate here, but keep in mind, actual benefits could vary depending on your work history and income.

Auto Rebate vs. Low Interest Financing Calculator

Which option provides the most savings? It's easy to estimate using this helpful calculator. A rebate will reduce your auto loan balance, while low interest financing lowers your monthly payment.

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