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Holiday Shopping Tips

Here's some tips to help you get started this holiday season:

  1. Start early and set limits
  2. Set a realistic budget and stay on top of spending – try our online Money Manager
  3. Research/compare
  4. Stick to your list – avoid impulse purchases
  5. Make a plan ahead of time to pay-off your credit card bills
  6. Use a rewards card and earn points while you shop
  7. Consider “last year’s” models – this can help you save a ton!
  8. Avoid going on shopping sprees and buying too much as once
  9. If you will be doing online shopping, don’t forget to factor in shipping costs
  10. Consider gift cards – in case you weren’t aware, we now offer gift card redemption through CURewards, just in time for the holidays!


Additional things to remember:

- Everyday holiday sales are often just as good as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
- Making gifts for others is always a great and cost effective option too!