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Mobile Banking Security

Mobile Banking has become a quick and easy solution to take care of banking needs at your fingertips. However, with this great accessibility, security risks arise. We at Dominion Energy CU are here to help you maintain good mobile banking security habits.

Consider these precautions to help you bank online safely:

  1. Get your mobile banking apps only from official sources such as your Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Make sure to always follow your bank’s directions to ensure you are downloading their official app.
  2. Continue to keep your apps and devices up-to-date. If your device won’t run the latest versions of iOS or Android, it may be time to upgrade.
  3. Run mobile security software on all your devices.
  4. If your bank offers additional login security options, opt-in for them. This will usually be referred to as “additional tokens” or “two-factor authentication”.
  5. Enable your device’s “remote wiping” feature and make regular backups. If you lose your device, use the “remote wiping” feature to ensure people can’t use it to steal your money with it.
  6. If it’s possible, sign up for extra security with your cell phone carrier to ensure you’re the only one who can get to the new phones on your account.