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Beware of Fake Fraud Alert Texts

The rise in popularity of digital payments also unfortunately means an increase in digital payment fraud. There have been reports recently of individuals receiving texts that appear to be from their credit union investigating potential fraud. However, these are fraudsters trying to appear to be legitimate to steal information or fast cash from the member.

Please be on high alert and remember that Dominion Energy Credit Union and our providers/vendors will NEVER call, text, or email you to verify Zelle® transactions. Never provide your PIN, personal information, or account number to any unsolicited website, text message, or phone call.

Look for the red flags. This is usually how these scams work:

  • A text is sent asking a member if they made a large transfer and to reply yes or no
  • If a member replies no, a text is sent saying that the Fraud Department will contact the member
  • A member will then receive a phone call
  • A code will be sent, that allows the scammer access to the member’s account

To keep your information safe:

  • Do not interact with any links that come from an unexpected text
  • If you receive a text that seems suspicious, contact your credit union to verify that it is a legitimate message and not a scam
  • Do not give any information to a caller, even if they provide your personal information, such as a social security number

If you receive a message that you think may be fraud, call and let us know and we will do our best to help you keep your information safe.