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Welcome to Dominion Energy Credit Union! You now have access to a world of financial possibilities, from earning more on savings, paying less on loans, having fewer fees, and having access to your money 24/7. 

There's a lot to love at Dominion Energy Credit Union

Great Rates
Our not-for-profit status means our rates are designed to benefit you.
Premium products
We're a full-service financial institution offering the financial solutions you need.
Easy access
Anytime is the perfect time to manage your account with Digital Banking.

Did you know? Dominion Energy Credit Union provides high-use member households up to $1,402* in direct financial benefits!

Live better, bank smarter, and reach your dreams faster

It's all possible when you take advantage of of all we have to offer and make the most of your DECU membership.

Member Benefits

We exist solely to serve you, our member. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, any profits we make are returned to you. Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect:

  • High interest rates on savings accounts
  • Low interest rates on loans and credit cards
  • Minimal fees on products and services
  • Unwavering commitment to outstanding member service
It's easy to bank from anywhere

You're always connected to your accounts through Digital Banking, DECU branches and ATMs, CO-OP Shared Branches, and additional surcharge-free ATMs.

We look forward to serving you and your family.

Once a member always a member

Membership is a lifetime benefit, even if you change jobs, move, or retire.

Our commitment to your financial well-being is truly a lifetime promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can make a withdrawal from your Dominion Energy Credit Union account in a number of ways:

  • Visit a Dominion Energy Credit Union branch, a Credit Union Service Center, Dominion Energy Credit Union ATM or a CULIANCE ATM. Find a location or ATM near you.
  • Call our Member Service Department at 800-268-6928 to request a withdrawal check.
  • Log in to Online Banking, click on Transactions, and then “Send Check." Select which account and how much you wish to withdraw. We will automatically send you a check.
  • It’s also always free to ask for cash back when you make a purchase with your Dominion Energy Credit Union Debit Card
  • You may request a withdrawal check through our Private Teller phone service.
  • Send money to your accounts elsewhere using Zelle® then withdraw funds.

With our 24-Hour Access services and shared branches, we are as close as your computer, phone, or mailbox.

24-Hour Access

  • Online Banking: Pay bills, view account balances, and transfer money
  • Mobile Banking: Deposit checks, view account activity, and pay bills
  • Mobile Wallets: Make payments with Dominion Energy CU credit and debit cards
  • Private Teller: Make basic transactions, such as withdrawal checks and check account balances
  • Cash back: Get cash at stores when you use your debit card and PIN
  • Debit cards: Use it to make purchases and get cash back - the money comes right from your checking account. You can also use it to withdraw cash at ATMs - your first 3 ATM withdrawals per month are free (ATM owner may surcharge).*
  • Send or receive cash with account-to-account transfers, Zelle®, or cross-account transfers

Branches & ATMs

  • Make basic teller transactions at CO-OP Shared Branches nationwide
  • Avoid fees at Dominion Energy Credit Union, Wawa, Sheetz, and North Carolina CashPoints ATMs
  • Visit over 80,000 CULIANCE no-surcharge, deposit taking ATMs and certain CO-OP Shared Branch locations**
  • Get up to $6 in ATM surcharge rebates each month for out-of-network ATM fees*

Still not sure? Member Services can help you with any questions you have, as well as certain transactions. Reach us at 800-268-MYCU.

*DECU will reimburse up to two ATM surcharges (ATM owner fees) incurred per month on withdrawals from a checking account using your DECU debit card up to a maximum of $3 per withdrawal for a maximum refund of $6/month. Please note: the ATM owner may charge a fee. Using your debit card to get cash back with purchases can help you save on ATM fees. Rebates will be given automatically at month-end.
**Not all CO-OP Shared Branches have a CULIANCE no-surcharge ATM. For no-surcharge ATMs, please visit the CULIANCE locations. A surcharge is the ATM owner's fee; regular DCU ATM fees still apply at non-DCU ATMs.

You can find out your account balance in a number of ways:

  • Log in to Digital Banking, select which account you would like to verify account balance.
  • Visit a Dominion Energy Credit Union branch, a Credit Union Service Center, Dominion Energy Credit Union ATM or a CULIANCE ATM. Find a location or ATM near you.
  • Call our Member Service Department at 800-268-6928 to check account balances.
  • You may also check your balances through our Private Teller phone service. 

Yes! In fact, Dominion Energy Credit Union gives you additional flexibility with your paycheck. Direct Deposit your entire paycheck to Dominion Energy Credit Union or just a set amount each payday (this is called Payroll Deduction and is available only to employees of Dominion Energy). With payroll deduction, you can also choose to have money go to your Dominion Energy Credit Union account(s) or loan(s), even if your Direct Deposit goes elsewhere. Dominion Energy lets employees have direct deposit to up to three accounts. Check with your employer if you are not a Dominion Energy employee. You can also direct deposit most government checks, such as social security.

Dominion Energy employees may sign up by logging into My SAP Workspace. If you are not a Dominion Energy employee, please contact your employer to sign up for direct deposit. You will need the following information to sign up:

Dominion Energy Credit Union
P.O. Box 26646
Richmond, VA 23261-6646
Bank Routing (ABA) Number: 251082644
MICR number: Your 10-14 digit account number for deposit into checking. This number can be found within Digital Banking by clicking on the three dots to the right of the account – click Settings.

MICR number: Your 10-14 digit account number for deposit into checking or savings. The MICR number for savings and checking are different. This number can be found within Digital Banking by clicking the 3 dots behind the account and selecting "details", or on the bottom middle of your checkbook for checking.

How to Read Check Number

Once you are a member, sign up for payroll deduction. You may also send us an email or secure message via Digital Banking stating the amount you would like deposited from your paycheck, which account you would like the money deposited to, and how often you are paid. Payroll deduction is only available to employees of Dominion Energy. Please note it may take a pay period for your payroll deduction to take effect.

For some Dominion Energy employees there occasionally are “free pay days”. Free pay days are created and controlled by the Payroll Department of Dominion Energy.

A free pay day occurs when a month has three period ending dates (a period ending date is about one week prior to the actual pay day). On a free pay day, no Credit Union payroll deductions are taken. Dominion Energy employees can access their pay schedule on the company’s intranet site.

Yes! If the joint owner is an adult, they will need to sign the application and submit a copy of their driver’s license. We recommend getting your account setup first if the joint owner can’t sign right away, and then adding the joint owner later when you can both sign the application  (an application to add services will be in your Welcome Packet). Parents may sign for a minor to be a joint owner (parent’s name “signing for” child’s name plus parent’s signature).

Yes, you can join more than one credit union. Because membership in Dominion Energy Credit Union is free, it is a smart way to get access to even more great rates and services. You can pick and choose the services that work the best for you.

Plus using credit unions over a bank will save you money with fewer fees, lower loan rates and higher savings rates. In fact, a recent report done by the Credit Union National Association found that high-use Dominion Energy Credit Union households save $1400 a year!

To sign up for Digital Banking click “Enroll Today!” in the Digital Banking log in at the top of the page. You will be prompted for account information to sign up. You must enter your name (primary member’s name) as it appears on your Dominion Energy Credit Union statement. Check out our easy “how-to” videos on Digital Banking.                                

Note: you will need to have your member number handy to sign up. Here are ways to access it:

  • Reference your Welcome kit
  • View your statements
  • Call member services

Your account will be opened as quickly as possible, usually in just a couple days. Once opened you will receive a Welcome Packet with important account information so keep an eye out for that via secure email. Please let us know if you have urgent needs and we’ll do everything we can to get your account set up quickly.

Once your account is set up, you can enroll in Digital Banking, download our Mobile App, and enroll in Mobile Deposit (under “services” in Digital Banking) – giving you 24/7 access to your accounts. There’s no waiting period to apply for loans or credit cards!  

Visit our New Member Resources page for helpful information and FAQs.

Committed to your financial well-being

Join Dominion Energy Credit Union today and discover the perks of working with a financial partner that always has your best interests at heart.