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An Introduction to Mobile Wallet

What is a Mobile Wallet?
Mobile wallet is a secure, fast, and contactless method of payment that can be accessed conveniently from your smart phone. Upload multiple credit, debit, and gift cards to your Mobile Wallet app to make payments in-store and online without fumbling to search for your physical cards.

Making payments with the Mobile Wallet app.
Paying with Mobile Wallet is easier than paying with traditional plastic cards. You’ll know a payment terminal is Mobile Wallet friendly if it has what looks like a sideways WiFi symbol (see below) on it. Simply pull out your smart phone, open your Mobile Wallet app, and wave your device over the payment terminal until you hear a “beep”.

Identical to swiping, the payment processes immediately and the transaction is complete within seconds.

Mobile Wallet security. 
Your credit card information is even more secure with the Mobile Wallet app versus carrying your cards in a traditional wallet. When you upload your credit card information into the Mobile Wallet app, your card number is not given out when you make a transaction. Each payment is encrypted; a token with your card credentials is generated and sent to the merchant instead of your personal card information.

In addition, your mobile device has security measures to prevent theft. With a pin, password, fingerprint verification, or facial recognition activated on your phone, only you can access your Mobile Wallet app. If your phone is lost or stolen, each mobile payment solution can be shut down remotely.

Getting started with Mobile Wallet.
Visit your smart phone’s Mobile Wallet app (these are usually predownloaded to your device). Then, all you’ll need to do is add your credit and loyalty card information, either by scanning the numbers or typing them in.
Organize your cards, upload movie tickets, concert tickets, gift cards, and more for easy access and happy shopping.




Upload your Dominion Energy CU debit and credit cards to your mobile wallet to make fast, secure, and fumble-free purchases. Pay the easy, contactless way!