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Enriching Your Life - Rather than Your Lifestyle

You can start today

Being tight with one’s money used to carry negative connotations. Cheap Charlie. Frugal Fanny. Stingy Stu. Now it’s much more mainstream to meet economic challenges head-on. Cost-conscious Cathy. Economical Ellie. Thrifty Ted.

Practical Living on Less

Taking control of your finances to improve your life is different than concentrating on lifestyle enhancements. It may even make your family happier in the long run. Research shows that spending time on experiences with loved ones rather than focusing on possessions often boosts positive feelings.

Here are some ideas for your family.

  • Start with time, not things. Spending time together doesn’t need to cost anything. Plan game or movie nights at home, organize family sporting activities in your yard or local park, attend your children’s school events. Children will remember the things you did together rather than the things you bought them.
  • Downsize your home. Can your family live without some rooms? Moving to a smaller home or renting an apartment can save significant dollars up front, plus lower monthly expenses on an ongoing basis. You may even make some money selling excess furniture and belongings you don’t need.
  • Change your spending priorities. Budget for the things your family needs first and consider shopping at consignment shops rather than buying new. Staying away from shopping malls will help avoid expensive spending patterns.
  • Focus on saving. Setting aside money for future needs, such as college tuition for your children and your own retirement, should remain a priority.

Let Us Help

At Dominion, we want to help you get the most value for your hard-earned money. Switch and save today!