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6 Simple Tips for Your Finances for the New Year

This year, we’re all ready for a fresh start. 2020 was hard on everyone – and it may have even impacted your finances. But we’re here to help. Check out the tips below to get your finances back on track, and then visit our blog for even more financial inspiration.

Tips for a Financially Successful 2021:

  1. Invest in yourself. Consider opening a savings certificate with any extra cash you’ve received from the holidays, tax returns, or a bonus. You can open one with as little as $1,000, and your money will grow faster with a high rate and guaranteed returns over a fixed time.

  2. Increase your savings. Even a small increase of your automatic deposits can make a big difference over time. Avoid holiday debt next year by opening or increasing your Christmas Club savings now.

  3. Create a budget and track spending. Record all your expenses and use this number as a baseline. Use online Money Manager to set goals and track spending, and make adjustments to your plan as needed.

  4. Consolidate debt. Review the rates you are currently paying on loans and credit card balances, and compare with DECU’s rates to see if we can help you save by transferring balances.

  5. Check your credit report regularly. Request a free credit report at three times each year to check for any errors or fraudulent charges.

  6. Spring clean your finances. Get your finances in order by sorting through old paperwork, digitizing as much as possible and disposing of items you no longer need. It’s also smart to take stock of the rates and fees you’re paying, and see if you can save by transferring balances to your credit union.