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Credit Union Myths


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 Video Transcript:

Credit Union Myths JEN: Whew! I’ve never eaten so many burgers in my life! Whew! I’ve never eaten so many s’mores in my life! CU GAL: Get those s’mores! Now, gather round everyone, while I shock you with the horrors of… credit union myths! JEN: Ah, phew! I thought it was going to be like, ghastly forest monsters, or… CU GAL: Myth #1! Credit unions are just like banks, but with fewer services! In fact, credit unions do offer all the same services as big banks! Credit, debit, savings, loans and more. Plus, a huge difference is that credit unions have members instead of customers, so you own a share, and when we make money, you get a piece of it through better interest rates and fewer fees. JEN: Nice! That’s not scary—that’s comforting. CU GAL: Myth #2! Using a credit union makes it harder to access your money! Actually, with a nationwide ATM network, handy online banking and great customer service, your local credit union makes accessing your finances fast and friendly! JEN: Maybe just one more s’more then… CU GAL: Sure, but first… Myth #3! Credit union deposits aren’t insured! JEN: Gasp! CU GAL: While credit unions don’t have the same federal insurance as banks, we have our own federal or state insurance, so your funds are just as safe and secure. JEN: Phew! CU GAL: And finally, myth #4! It’s too hard to switch to a credit union! But, all you have to do is check out your local credit union online or in person to see if you are eligible to join, fill out a few forms, and you're on your way to becoming a member! Many credit unions even offer switch kits to help you out every step of the way. JEN: Oh, yeah! So glad I joined the credit union—it’s been a treat! CU GAL: Heck, yeah! MONSTER: This all sounds great! Sign me up! Hi. JEN and CU GAL: Gasp! JEN: So, you want a s’more? MONSTER: No thanks, I prefer veggie kebabs.