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Sending Money

Need to send funds to a child at college? Want to put a little extra cash in your spouse's account?

It’s easy with Cross-Account Access.

When you are set up for Cross-Account Access, you can transfer money quickly and easily into and out of joint Credit Union accounts using Online Banking or our Mobile App. It's ideal for parents with children in college, for adults caring for their aging parents, or for the career couple who travels for work. You can even set the transfers up to be recurring.

To sign up for Cross-Account Access, complete and return the Cross-Account sign up form located on our website. If you are not joint on the other account, the primary member can add you using the Account Changes form.

Other easy ways to send money:

Use a Person 2 Person (P2P) digital service

  • Zelle®: Zelle® typically moves money between credit union/bank accounts for free and within minutes
  • Venmo: Venmo is popular among college students. It lets you send money online and on its mobile app. You can also include short messages and emojis, which appear on a Facebook-like feed. Transfers are free when you pay with a bank account or debit card, and the money typically arrives in one to two business days.
  • PopMoney: All you need is a Dominion Energy CU Checking account and online Bill Payer. Register once and never exchange bank account numbers or personal information

Bill Payer

  • Bill Payer: If you have a DECU checking account and online Bill Payer, you can set your child up as a “payee”. This is a good option if time is not of the essence, as a check will need to be mailed from the Bill Payer service.

Prepaid debit cards

  • Prepaid debit cards are easy to get and typically don’t require a credit check. More importantly, your child can only spend what he or she has. To make transfers to a prepaid card, you and your child will likely need the same type of card. Some cards let users transfer money from a PayPal or bank account. Check to ensure you go with a trusted provider that doesn’t have usage fees, such as Bluebird by American Express.

Safety and Security

Internet-based transfers are far more secure and convenient than cash or checks — and faster, too, when timing matters. As your child heads to college, it’s wise to prepare for both routine needs and “the unexpected”.