Managing Debt

Debt can be overwhelming, but managing it doesn’t have to be. Simplify debt management with solutions and resources from Dominion Energy Credit Union.

Tools for a faster payoff

Credit Score and More

Stay on top of your credit score, manage debt, and more with our free, ongoing credit score report and monitoring program.

Low Rate Credit Card

Enjoy this low rate, no annual fee credit card – it’s great for consolidating higher rate balances to save on interest.

Home Equity Loans & Lines

Make your home work for you by borrowing against the equity in your home to consolidate bills or pay for large purchases.

I am so happy I decided to open a DECU account! After reading about how I could reach out to a DECU representative to discuss options to improve my credit score, I immediately called and was connected to someone who gave me advice. Within a couple of months my score increased and my home refinance was approved. That little “Important Message” on my statement is why I am now happy in my newly renovated home, with a great credit score, and a few credit cards to get those items that I may need now but pay for later. This process is continually raising my score and I am excited about it. Thank you Dominion Energy Credit Union!
Jacqueline, VA; Member since 2021