Card Alerts

We keep a 24/7 watch to make sure no one makes unauthorized use of your Visa® card. Yes, your personal finances are that important to us.

Fighting fraud is a total team effort

It's like having a trained security guard keep a close eye on your finances. Once you enroll in purchase alerts, every time your Visa® credit card is used, we'll send a text or email. And if we spot suspicious activity, you'll be notified.

Purchase Alerts

Download our Card Control app to sign up and manage your cards on the go. You ca also sign up for basic purchase alerts on the Visa® sites.

  • Get a text or email whenever you pay with your Visa® card.
  • Customize your alerts to help identify potential fraud so you can act fast.
  • Receive notifications when you reach a purchase threshold or when purchases are made in foreign countries, online, or over the phone.
Card Fraud Text Alerts
  • Fraud alerts will notify you if any suspicious activity is detected on your card.
  • You'll be asked to verify one or more transactions via text message or phone call.
  • You are automatically enrolled for this feature as an digital banking user.

Cards to fit every lifestyle

From earning rewards to competitive rates, our credit cards are the perfect combination of perks, convenience and security.