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Take a break from your loan payment with Skip-A-Payment.

No Fees, No Worries

We offer this service free of charge to help you when you need it most. You can relax knowing that Skip-A-Payment will not affect your credit score.

How Skip-A-Payment Works

  • Skip one month's payment on as many qualifying Dominion Energy CU loans as you wish
  • Cannot skip more than one month's loan payment per loan between February 1 and November 30
  • Not available on First Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, Visa Credit Cards or loan workout arrangements
  • When applying, please allow at least 21 days before your loan payment is due
  • Use of Skip-A-Payment extends your loan's term and interest continues to accrue, but your monthly payment doesn't change

Here's How You Qualify

  • You have made at least the first six months of payments on your loan
  • Your loan balance is $1,000 or more
  • Your Dominion Energy CU loans are current and you have not been past due by 60 days or more in the previous 12 months