You've hit a month when expenses are up or income is down. It would make life easier if you could skip one of your loan payments. That's fine with us.

That extra money can help make ends meet

No explanation needed
As long as you meet our other criteria, you can miss a loan payment for any reason at all.
Give us a heads-up
Apply to Skip-A-Payment at least 21 days before your loan payment is due.
No negative impact
Taking a break from your loan payment won't affect your credit score.

We're happy to provide you with a little relief

It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. You can take a break from paying off your loan without being charged a fee or hurting your credit rating. It's just another way we're looking out for our members.

How Skip-A-Payment works

  • Skip one month's payment on as many qualifying Dominion Energy CU loans as you wish (maximum one month's payment per loan February 1-November 30)
  • Not available on first mortgages, home equity loans, Visa® credit cards or loan workout arrangements
  • Please apply to Skip-A-Payment at least 21 days before your loan payment is due
  • Use of Skip-A-Payment extends your loan's term and interest continues to accrue, but your monthly payment doesn't change

Here's how you qualify

  • You have made at least the first six months of payments on your loan
  • Your loan balance is $1,000 or more
  • Your Dominion Energy CU loans are current and you have not been past due by 60 days or more in the previous 12 months

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