Summer time is an exciting time to get out into the warm weather and travel! Traveling costs can add up quickly so it’s always a great idea to try to save wherever you can.

Here are some tips to help you save on your next getaway!

  • If you’re traveling internationally, always check ahead of time to make sure you are aware of the exchange rates. You could even begin researching before you decide on a destination and choose one with more favorable rates to maximize your savings even more!
  • Set-up deal alerts on websites like Travelocity to offer the option to help you find the best destination within your price range as options become available.
  • Comparing hotel rates on various sites to see who is offering the best deal is a great idea, but it never hurts to call the hotel directly to see what deal they may give you on the phone.
  • Take advantage of hotels that offer free continental breakfast or other all-inclusive options, sometimes this can help you avoid the added costs of eating out throughout the entire trip.
  • Consider using a Cash Rewards or Platinum Rewards card to book your trip so that you can redeem cash or points!