Opening a Savings account for your child is a great way to start putting money aside early for them as they get older. Dominion Energy employees can even set a certain amount through payroll deduction to go into their children’s accounts every paycheck. Here’s how to open your child a savings account to start saving for the future today.

Fill out our membership application with your child’s information.
You will also need to fax in or email a copy of their Social Security card. If you choose to email, please use our secure Zix Mail.
At least one parent or guardian will need to be a joint holder on the child’s account.
Only a $5 deposit to savings is required to open (can be made by payroll deduction)     
If the joint holder is not a current Dominion Energy employee, we will also need a copy of their driver’s license, even if we have previous received a copy before to verify. This can also be sent via fax or Zix Mail.
After he or she is 16 years old, they can also add on a Checking account.
Please indicate any payroll deduction on the membership application.