" The following is the transcript for the above video, How to Spot Scams! BADGER: It had been a long night of working the case with only the sound of the driving rain against my window keeping me company. I was about to call it a night when the dame walked in. JEN: It's sunny and 11:30 in the morning. BADGER: She was sharp, and her hair was strangely orange, like a pumpkin with a five dollar spray tan. JEN: Hey! Can you help me or not? BADGER: I could tell by the look in her eye—and by the way she had blatantly just asked me—that this dame needed my help. And by me, I mean… Inspector Badger, Scam Detective. JEN: Have you seen… BADGER: Oh I've seen it all. Every scam and fraud imaginable. Unexpected Money & Winnings, Buyer-Seller Fraud, Fake Charities, Dating Schemes, Get-Rich-Quick Operations, Threats & Extortion and Identity Theft. JEN: That looks very elaborate. BADGER: There's a whole world of scam artists out there, pumpkin-hair. JEN: It's Jen. BADGER: And I've devoted my life to sniffing out every last one of the scambags behind these schemes. It's a tough case for anyone. And by anyone, I mean me, Inspector Badger, Scam Detective. JEN: Can you walk me through some of these? BADGER: Unexpected Money & Winnings are the classics. The scammer reaches out to you, posing as a lawyer or a contest organizer or sometimes as a deposed Prince of Nigeria. Then he gives you the good news: you've won a prize or you've got an inheritance coming your way. JEN: Oh? BADGER: But there's a complication. JEN: Oh no! "

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