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Guaranteed Deposit

Guaranteed Deposit

Guaranteed DepositA certificate of deposit has a fixed interest rate - a CD offers a guaranteed interest rate for a specified period of time

A certificate of deposit has a fixed term - you leave your money in a CD for the term you have agreed to typically three months to five years

A certificate of deposit has a Fixed maturity date - A CD is held until a maturity date, at which time the funds can be withdrawn and interest is paid

A certificate of deposit has a Predictable Rate of return - CDs offer a guaranteed interest rate, so you know exactly how much your investment will increase in value over time

A certificate of deposit is Federally insured - Most CDs sold by credit union and banks are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit union Administration(NCUA) or the Federal deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)

A certificate of deposits is Less Susceptible to market dynamics - Unlike stocks or mutual funds, your investment in CDs is guaranteed to increase in value, no matter what happens to the economy or the financial markets