Direct Deposit

Automatically deposit your paycheck or other payments into your Dominion Energy CU account to save time and eliminate worry.

Secure, Reliable, Convenient

Your checks are deposited electronically, often a day before* official payday, so there's no need to stand in line or mail in a deposit.

  • For a direct deposit to checking, use your 10-14 digit checking account number.**
  • If your direct deposit will go to your checking account, your payroll office may want a voided check, as well.
  • Please use this information:

    Dominion Energy Credit Union
    P.O. Box 26646
    Richmond, Virginia 23261-6646
    804-521-2525 or 800-268-MYCU (6928)
    Bank routing/transit (ABA)#: 251082644
    Your 10-14 digit checking account number**
    OR your savings account number

  • Deposit your paycheck, Social Security, retirement benefits, tax refunds, and government payments
  • Funds are available immediately once received
  • Safer than handling paper checks
  • Activate Alerts so you know when your money is deposited
  • Dominion Energy employees can deposit your entire Dominion Energy CU paycheck, or a set percentage, and use Payroll Deduction to automatically pay loans or build savings
  • Contact your employer for a direct deposit authorization form and use our routing #251082644
  • Confirm or update your information by logging in to My SAP Workspace under Personal Information>Personal Profile>Bank Information. 
  • Union-represented employees may use My SAP Workspace or complete a Direct Deposit Authorization and return it to Dominion Energy's Payroll Department. You must also attach a voided check with the authorization form, so please wait until you have received your new checks.
  • Find answers to your questions about Dominion Energy benefits on DomNet under Payroll. Please note, we do not manage your employee benefits.
  • Visit your payroll office to complete a form that authorizes Direct Deposit and provide instructions about where to send your payments.

* Subject to receipt from originator and other terms and conditions.
**Account number must be 10-14 digits in correct ACH format. For deposits to checking, use the 10-14 digit number from the bottom center of your Dominion Energy Credit Union personal checks. Call for assistance: 804-521-2525 or 800-268-MYCU.