If you receive a call from a phone number identified as Dominion Energy Credit Union, DO NOT provide your account or card numbers, PIN, or personal information to any unsolicited phone call, website, or text message - hang up immediately. We will never contact you asking for your account or card numbers.

Credit Cards

Compare our three card options to find the best Visa® credit card for you. Choose from cash back and perks, rewards or our lowest rate with a Visa credit card from Dominion Energy Credit Union.

Compare Credit Cards

Compare our credit cards to find the best card for you. Choose from low rates, rewards or cash back. 

Low Rate Credit Card

Enjoy our lowest rate with our Visa® Platinum credit card.

Rewards Credit Card

Earn rewards and enjoy low rates with the Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card. 

Cash Rewards Credit Card

Earn 2% unlimited cash back and get perks and discounts with the Visa® Signature Cash Rewards Credit Card.