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Debit Cards

There's always money in your pocket when you use Dominion Energy Credit Union's VISA® Debit Card. Make purchases and withdraw money from your checking account at ATMs worldwide.

Safer than cash, faster than checks

The pace of your life requires the speed and convenience of a Debit Card. Plus, you can relax knowing you're protected if your card is lost or stolen.

Financial Flexibility and Freedom

  • Make purchases wherever VISA is accepted and withdraw money anytime, without writing checks
  • It's always free to pay for purchases and get cash back
  • Withdraw without worry - get up to $6 in rebates each month for out-of-network ATM fees*
  • Get 3 checking withdrawals from non-DECU ATMs free from network fees each month**
  • Enjoy surcharge-free transactions at more than 75,000 ATMs nationwide, including ATMs at most WaWa and Sheetz convenience stores
  • Deposit money at most STAR ATMs in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio
  • Opt in for Courtesy Pay on debit cards for extra overdraft protection
  • VISA's Zero Liability Policy protects your card against unauthorized purchases and withdrawals
  • Enjoy automatic updates of payment information when you get a new or reissued card with Visa Account Updater
  • Better security for online purchases through Verified by Visa

*DECU will reimburse up to two ATM surcharges (ATM owner fees) incurred per month on withdrawals from a checking account using your DECU debit card up to a maximum of $3 per withdrawal for a maximum refund of $6/month. Please note: the ATM owner may charge a fee. Rebates will be given automatically at month-end.

**Please note: the other ATM owner may charge a fee. Using your debit card to get cash back with purchases can help you save on ATM fees.