Overdraft Protection

When your checking account balance can't cover a transaction, your savings account serves as a security blanket.

Overdraft Protection kicks in automatically to save the day

Protection against accidental overdrafts
Covers checks, automatic drafts, and debit card transactions.
Available immediately
Your account is automatically enrolled in Overdraft Protection.
Free to use
You always have backup when you need it.

Peace of mind that's always accessible

You write a check, transfer money, or tap your Debit Card only to come up a bit short on the payment. Your Dominion Energy Credit Union Savings Account fills in that gap through Overdraft Protection, with funds pulled automatically into your Checking Account.

  • With checks and automatic drafts, funds come over in $100 increments or for the amount needed if your balance is below $100
  • With debit card transactions, we pull the exact amount needed
  • Courtesy Pay can offer additional coverage (for a fee)

Simplified money management

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