Surcharge-Free ATMs

Surcharge-free ATMs are almost everywhere, helping you save money. Do a quick search to find a one near you. 

Make a quick pit stop for cash wherever you go

Find more than 80,000 CULIANCE no-surcharge, deposit-taking ATMs across the U.S. Or use a surcharge-free ATM at most Wawa and Sheetz convenience stores. 

Can't find one near you? That's ok. You can still withdraw without worry. Get up to $6 in rebates each month for out-of-network ATM fees*.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to avoid ATM fees in addition to finding a Surcharge-Free ATM:

  • Get cash back at stores when you use your debit card and PIN to pay for purchases.
  • Pay with your debit card so you don't need to carry as much cash - its safer too!
  • Try to plan ahead so you can get more cash per ATM trip vs. making several trips.
  • Members get up to $6 in rebates each month for out-of-network ATM fees.*


*DECU will reimburse up to two ATM surcharges (ATM owner fees) incurred per month on withdrawals from a checking account using your DECU debit card up to a maximum of $3 per withdrawal for a maximum refund of $6/month. Please note: the ATM owner may charge a fee. Rebates will be given automatically at month-end.

Dominion Energy Credit Union belongs to the following networks: CULIANCE, Star, Plus (Visa®).

This is a network of ATMs where you can get cash, make transfers or deposits (not all ATMs are deposit taking - you will need to search for deposit-taking ATMs), and in some cases avoid surcharges. Click here to search for a list of CULIANCE ATMs near you.

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