Name Change

What is changing at the credit union?

We will be updating the following areas starting in June 2017 to reflect our new name:

  • Website & Email Addresses: Our email will change to and our website to Emails sent to the old address will automatically be forwarded to the new addresses, and the website will redirect from the old site.
  • Visual Look & Feel: Online banking, our website, mobile banking app icon, signage, and marketing materials are getting a facelift.
  • Social Media URLs & Names: Our social media profiles will have a new URLs and an most of our handles will be updated to @DominionEnergyCU. You can follow us by clicking on the links within the footer of our website.

What’s not changing?

These areas will not be affected by the name change:

  • Routing Number, Account Numbers, Online Banking, Direct Deposit, ACH, Payroll Deductions: All direct deposits, payroll deductions, automatic drafts and other ACH services are transmitted using our same routing and transit numbers and your same account number. Your User Name and Password for online access to your accounts will remain the same and you will not be required to change it. You will only see minor cosmetic changes to the site that will include our new name and logo.
  • Phone Numbers & Branch Addresses: Our branch addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers will remain the same.

What do I need to update from the name change?

Here are the things you should update:

  • Check Writing & Payments: Please begin writing your loan payment checks to Dominion Energy Credit Union. However, checks made to Dominion Credit Union will continue to be honored throughout this transition.
  • Update to Mobile Banking App (Not Required): When an update is available to our mobile banking app, simply download the update at your convenience – all that will change is the look.
  • Bookmarked Website Address: If you have booked marked our website, you may want to update that eventually, but we will be redirecting the page to avoid confusion, so if you enter the previous URL, you will be taken to the new URL during the transition.

What updates will happen automatically?

These updates will happen naturally:

  • Debit or Credit Cards: Your current card(s) will continue to work – you don’t need to order a new one. When your cards naturally expire, a new card will be issued with the new name and logo on it.
  • Checks: Please continue to use your current checks. When you reorder your new checks within Online Banking, online, or by calling us, the new checks will include our new name and logo.
  • Credit Report Name Update: All credit reporting agencies have been notified about our name change. Therefore, your loan(s) with us will not appear twice on your credit report. They will appear as: Dominion Energy Credit Union.

Please visit our name change page for more details or contact us to speak with a friendly representative.

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