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75 Reasons to Belong

And we had to cut the list short. The point is, there are countless reasons you'll love being a Dominion Energy Credit Union member.

Distinctions by the Dozens

Join the celebration of everything members love about us.

Platinum List of Benefits

1. Dominion Energy Credit Union was created in 1940 as a way for Dominion Energy employees to help each other save and borrow at favorable rates. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing ever since, so we’re pretty darn good at it!

2. Everything we do, we do for you… we always have our members’ best interests in mind.

4. We’re secure, stable, and financially savvy. That means fewer worries for you!

5. We’re not-for-profit! Earnings go right back to members in the form of higher rates on savings, lower rates on loans, fewer fees, more free stuff, and better service.

6. Our credit cards are just what you would expect from your credit union—low rates, no annual fees, and a minimum of fine print. A straightforward deal, that’s hard to beat.

8. Our crazy-low loan rates can go even lower—you get a .25% APR loan discount on consumer loans for automatic payments.

9. We offer the same low rates on new AND used car loans.

10. Stay jolly and slash next year’s holiday bills with a Christmas Club account.

12. Go ahead, give us a call! You’ll talk to an actual human quickly and enjoy personal service unlike anywhere else.

13. Never stand in line again—use payroll deduction for easy automatic deposits.

14. Start earning with your cash stash fast—open a Savings Certificate with as little as $1,000.

15. We’re the Mortgage Masters—we have tons of options and the expertise to help you save money lower payments, quicker payoffs, and lower costs.

16. Buying your first home? Our 5/5 ARM is a great option for moving up to moving day.

17. Got 20 minutes? Get a mortgage. We offer a streamlined online mortgage application so you can focus on what matters: your home.

18. Increase your negotiating power by getting pre-approved for a car loan!

19. Our employees are super friendly, completely caring, and totally committed to you. Why? Check reasons #2, #5, and #6, for starters.

20. We’ve got the tools to help you succeed. Set goals, create a budget, and track spending with our free online Money Manager.

21. Sky’s the limit—no rewards restrictions on our Visa® rewards credit card.

23. Pay all your bills in seconds with online and mobile Bill Payer. You’ve got more important things to do than licking stamps.

24. Send cash in a flash to friends and family with account-to-account external transfers.

25. We’re not just a great place to manage your money, we’re a great place to work. After all, happy employees make happy members!

26. Keep tabs on your account activity and prevent fraud with text and email notifications.

27. Paperwork is SO passé—use our fast, safe, and easy online loan application.

28. Pay at the register with just a tap of your smartphone with Apply Pay and Google Wallet.

30. You get three free ATM withdrawals a month with your debit card.

31. We want to take the time to get to know you personally to help find the best solutions for you.

32. Save trees, reduce clutter, and keep your accounts safer with eStatements.

33. Check your account balances, transfer funds, and view your account history from anywhere with mobile banking.

34. Once a member, always a member. Even if you move, change jobs, or retire, you don’t have to say goodbye to your Credit Union benefits!

35. You’ll sleep a little better knowing your funds are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

36. Not-for-profit, not for charity, but for service—that’s the Credit Union slogan, and we’re sticking to it.

38. Every member, including you, gets a vote on how the Credit Union is run!

39. Get a little budget breathing room once in a while—you can skip a loan payment every year and it won’t affect your credit score!

40. We were created by Dominion Energy employees, for Dominion Energy employees—we’re your coworkers and a part of the Dominion Energy family, just like you!

41. You work hard for your money, so it should work hard for you. Keep a balance of $10,000, $20,000, or more to earn some of the best rates we offer with Money Market Savings Accounts.

42. You don’t have to settle for being just another customer—there’s power in being a credit union member! (See Reasons #5, #6, and #38. And all the rest, really.)

43. Simplify your life with eServices and manage your accounts anytime, anywhere whether by phone, online, or mobile.

45. Serious savings. Here’s a good example: financing a $25,000 new car for 60 months at DECU will save you $350 per year in interest on average compared to a bank.

46. We’re here for you, and we’re here for the long haul. We’ll help you reduce your debt, build your savings, dream bigger, and get you to where you want to go in life.

47. Got loans and credit cards somewhere else? We’ll be happy to help you by transferring the balances so you can save big!

48. We strengthen the Dominion Energy community by supporting causes near and dear to the hearts of employees, including United Way, troop support, and other volunteer events.

49. You get easy access and personal service, no matter where you live, work, or travel.

51. Scribble all you want—there’s no check writing limit on your checking account!

52. For all those things that pop up or break down in life, take out a personal loan for amounts as low as $1,000. Most banks won’t touch that!

53. Not a high roller? Not a problem. Start earning dividends on savings accounts with balances as low as $100.

54. “Account oopsies” are no problem with Courtesy Pay on debit card transactions. We’ll never charge you more than the amount of the transaction in case of an overdraft.

55. We are guided by trust, convenience, excellent service, professionalism, and financial soundness in our mission to improve your financial well-being.

56. We know you work hard, and you play hard, too—we have great rates on loans for motorcycles, boats, and RVs!

57. Running the numbers? Use our online loan calculators to determine quickly how much you can afford to borrow.

58. Buying a home? We make it easy—no matter where you are. Our settlement agents can come to you!

59. There’s no deposit required to become a member when you sign up for payroll deduction.

61. Is there really a difference? You bet! The top priority at a bank is always to make money for their shareholders. At Dominion Energy Credit Union, our top priority is always you.

62. Traveling? Moving? Live in another state? No problem! Get cash and make transactions at thousands of shared credit union branches across the U.S.

63. Our Education Center has lots of advice and ideas to help you shape your financial future.

64. We installed ATMs in buildings that would be considered “too small” by banks. More than half of Dominion Energy employees now have Dominion Energy Credit Union ATMs in their workplace.

65. We just love a square deal! We always strive to communicate clearly, and we’re always up front about any terms and conditions.

66. Got accounts elsewhere? The more you move to Dominion Energy Credit Union, the more you save. Plus, it’s a lot easier to manage your finances when everything is in one place.

67. We believe in education—Dominion Energy Credit Union awards multiple $2,000 scholarships to outstanding full-time students every year.

68. You’re not just an owner—you can help run the place! Dominion Energy Credit Union is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members.

70. We’ve got a finger on the pulse of the Dominion Energy employee—we adjust services based on current employee needs, whether it’s a natural disaster response or a special loan offer.

71. It’s easy to help your children start saving by using automatic payroll deduction—from opening their first account to saving for higher education. We’ll help you teach them to make smart financial choices!

72. We’re willing to go the extra mile to get you the service you need when you need it.

73. We offer more than just a “bank account”—our “take care of family” attitude means you receive service, not just a product.

74. We’re constantly improving our security measures to make sure your accounts are protected with the most up-to-date methods. Our credit cards are already embedded with EMV chip technology for worldwide acceptance.

75. Every day we're looking for new ways to energize the lives of our members - and we're not stopping anytime soon.

Proudly Serving Dominion Energy Employees & Their Families

Since 1940 our goal remains the same; to help Dominion Energy employees save more and reach their goals faster. From checking and mobile banking, to low interest auto loans and surcharge-free ATMs, we make banking easy.

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