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Read Should I choose a lender before or after I find my dream home?

Should I choose a lender before or after I find my dream home?

Choose a lender and get preapproved for a loan before you pick your new home – it will make a huge difference. It can be a real downer if you spend tons of time browsing through dozens of listings,
Read Finding Your Home Sweet Home

Finding Your Home Sweet Home

Discover everything you need to know about finding, buying and financing a place you’ll love.
Read How to Tell You’re Ready to Buy a House

How to Tell You’re Ready to Buy a House

Making the decision to become a homeowner is emotionally and financially complex. Here are some key things to ask yourself if you’re considering whether buying is right for you.Do you have a good
Read Demystifying Mortgages

Demystifying Mortgages

See how mortgages work and explain fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, annual percentage rates, principal, interest and amortization.

the benefits of a mortgage preapproval — and how to get one

Unless you were recently selected as the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft or released a hit album, you probably won't pay for your new house in cash. Like millions of Americans, you'll take out a mortgage.

4 reasons to buy a home instead of renting

The financial benefits of buying a home compared with renting have yoyoed over the years, especially lately. If you're sitting on the fence, here are four circumstances in which it may be a better bet to buy.

is fall the best time to buy a house?

Sometimes it's smarter to buy certain items according to the season, like sweaters near the end of winter and swimsuits in late summer. But what's the best season for buying a house? The answer is fall.

5 things you should do before house hunting

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not, the decision to buy a home is an exciting milestone. Before you start house hunting, make sure you prepare yourself with as much information as possible. You’ll be more confident in negotiations and the mortgage process in general.

home buying tips

We've gathered a few solid tips to help first-time home buyers get started on the process.

home equity loans vs. helocs

Strapped for cash? Borrowing against your home’s equity could free up funds for all kinds of expenses. Discover the ins and outs of home equity financing, and see whether this approach is right for you.