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Read Tips for saving money on your car loan

Tips for saving money on your car loan

If you are considering buying a car, check out these tips to get the best financing possible and save money overall!

financial steps to take before buying a car

Think about the effort it takes to search for the right new car and to negotiate the lowest price. Unless you plan to pay cash in full, the third leg of the stool is finding the best possible financing. Because loans typically come in 12-month increments, we're talking about a decision that will affect your household budget a minimum of two years and probably more like five or six.

why you should get preapproved for a car loan

When shopping for a new car, many people overlook one important step: getting preapproved for an auto loan. It's a simple process that can make car-buying go more smoothly and save you money.

the hidden costs of buying a car

You’ve heard it said a car depreciates in value as you soon as you drive it off the lot. In fact, according to ConsumerReports, it’s the biggest cost of owning a car. But even if you don’t care about depreciation and plan on keeping your car until it’s good for nothing except scrap metal, you’ll still be facing the many costs of ownership.

6 questions auto dealers hope you can't answer

When navigating automobile financing options, it's important to understand the angles and the entities that stand to profit from the transaction. We want to make sure you have negotiating power with your auto dealer--know what's available to you, and know how much you can spend before you go to buy.

trade-in tips

Keep an eye out for factors in the market that may make vehicle trade-in values go up. For instance, natural disasters that affect manufacturing sometimes may increase car values. No matter what the situation, there are always a few things you can do to improve your trade-in value.

zero-percent financing: yes or no?

Zero percent financing means that you don't pay any interest on the car loan--but you may be paying a premium when you don't need to. Is it really a good deal?

car purchasing pitfalls

When you're trying to remember everything you should do while buying a car, it's easy to forget what you shouldn't.

find the right vehicle for you

...whether "you" includes your family, your dog, or a boat! Finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle is a lot harder than picking what is trendy or the newest model.