Announcing the 2022 College Scholarship Recipients

Dominion Energy Credit Union recently awarded ten $2,000 scholarships to outstanding high school seniors. The scholarship recognizes students’ dedication to academics, school activities, and community involvement. All applications received were of superior caliber, making the judging process extremely difficult.

Abraham Khalil Abraham Khalil
son of Salim Khalil, Corporate HDQ, Cayce-SC
Bridget Tracy Bridget Tracy
daughter of Anne Tracy, 8th & Main-VA
Shyam Ganesh Babu Shyam Ganesh Babu
son of Ganesh Babu Radhakrishnan & Latha Ganesh Babu, Corporate HDQ, Cayce-SC
Ainsley Dunning Ainsley Dunning
daughter of Samuel Dunning, VA City Hybrid EC-VA
Caroline Klotz Caroline Klotz
daughter of John R. Klotz, Highwoods One-VA
Alayna Sievert Alayna Sievert
daughter of Louis Sievert, Cove Point LNG-MD
Allison Catlett Allison Catlett
daughter of Tim Catlett, Surry PS-VA
Chloe Leaver Chloe Leaver
daughter of James Leaver, Salt Lake City-UT
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Ashleigh Lawrence Ashleigh Lawrence
granddaughter of Barbara S. Corry, Richmond-VA
Ronit Jain Ronit Jain
son of Ritesh Jain, 8th & Main, & Kumud Lata, Farrell Building-VA